Little Nicky (born October 17, 2004) is the first commercially produced cat clone. He was produced from the DNA of a 17-year-old Maine Coon cat named Nicky who died in 2003. Little Nicky's owner, a north Illinois woman named Julie (her last name was not released) who paid $50,000 to have Nicky cloned, claimed that Little Nicky's behavior is similar to that of her late cat Nicky, including an unusual liking for water, though hydrophilic behavior is common for this breed.
The cloning operation was performed by the California-based company Genetic Savings & Clone, which later closed in 2006.

The Humane Society of the United States and other animal welfare groups denounced the cloning, saying that the $50,000 might have been better used to save some of the millions of animals euthanized each year.

The cat showed no negative side effects from the cloning and is alive and healthy.
JONJON the canadian panda
4/29/2012 02:50:08 pm

that is cool.
did the company clone anymore cats or any animals?
and what does 'euthanize' mean

The Creator
4/30/2012 03:56:14 am

No. The business was shut down and euthanize or euthanasia means to pretty much kill a sick animal with an injection, it is rarely used and only when the animal is very sick or is suffering.

You may have heard this when someone says that there pet was "Put down"


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